Why the College Football Playoff should be expanded


Brayden George on Unsplash

Liam Jennings, Special Contributor

While 2020 has been one of the strangest years ever due to the pandemic, we all still want to carry on with our lives and get things back to the way they used to be. One way that we’ve been able to focus on other things and take our minds away from all the craziness around us is by watching college football. Every year as a fan I look forward to the four best teams in college football duking it out on New Year’s Day looking to see who the best team in the nation is. With the pandemic going on, this year is no exception as the playoff will be played but it left many wondering if this was the year that the NCAA would finally expand the playoff to eight teams. 

Many may find the idea of having eight teams unreasonable but this year is the perfect example of why an eight team playoff might just be what we need. With certain conferences rescheduling their regular season games and cutting out any that are non conference many believe that the college football playoff committee will not be able to truly select the best four teams because they have not played nearly the same amount of games. A perfect example of this is the Big Ten Conference; they decided to begin their regular season games near the end of October. How could a team who has only played seven or eight only in conference games be put in over a team that has won twelve games but is not in a power five conference. These power five conferences have been significantly better than any non power five conferences in the past but with all these different schedules, this year would be the perfect year to test and see if eight teams would be better. You could potentially fit all teams who deserve a spot at the top to be in the playoff and not leave out anybody who is deserving but just does not have the record or strength of schedule to show it.

This eight team format was not only discussed just this year though but has rather been in discussion since the idea of the College Football Playoff was presented. The format has barely any negatives besides just taking another week which college football fans would have no problem with. Many are tired of seeing the same traditional powerhouse programs continuously return every single season especially if two of the teams in the playoff are from the same conference. There are only four spots but there are five power conferences so adding additional slots would give everybody the ability to see not only what team is the best, but which conferences are really the best as well. The final issue of the four team playoff is that there are teams who are not in power five conferences that will never even be considered. In the past it seems every year there is an extremely competitive team from a non power five conference and they will go undefeated but since their schedule did not consist of power five teams they will not even be considered. This is exactly why the playoff must be expanded so these teams are given equal opportunity at the championship and so we can all finally enjoy some more college football to pass the time during this pandemic.


*This is an opinion piece written by a member of the Sports Literature class*