Why can’t we wear hoodies at BCHS?


Aidan Sullivan

For as long as there has been a dress code here, hooded sweatshirts have been prohibited, but there is a compromise that is a solution – allow a hooded sweatshirt as part of the uniform on Fridays.  

The rule is stated in the student handbook as follows: “Students are not allowed to wear hooded sweatshirts.” Although it is made clear that the students are not permitted to wear sweatshirts with hoods, it is not made clear why this rule is implemented, or the philosophy behind said rule.

Vice principal of student activities Mr. Ben Reilly said, “We try to keep it as consistent as possible to where it’s not confusing to kids.” He continues, “I try to keep it to no hoods period, so there’s no question about what you can wear whether it’s a Monday or a Friday.”

So, the administration thinks that if we can’t abide by our current uniform policy, there would only be more issues if  hooded sweatshirts were allowed on some days and not others.

Junior Andrew Sowinski thinks this rule is annoying. “It’s a bad rule because almost all of my good BCHS spirit wear has a hood, so I can’t ever wear them at school even though they say Chatard on it,” Sowinski said.

Considering how much spirit wear and practice packs cost, it would be nice to be able to wear what we purchase and, let’s face it, we all love hoodies. They are comfortable and they still represent BCHS.

The solution is simple: If students can show faculty and staff that we are responsible enough to only wear the accepted uniform on Mondays through Thursdays, only then can we pose the argument to allow hooded sweatshirts on spirit wear Fridays. It seems like a fair compromise.