Watch Senior Directed One Acts 2019


G. Cates, Reporter

Senior Directed One Acts is an annual show consisting of several 20-minute plays, each performed by a small group of actors. Each play is chosen and directed by a senior or pair of seniors. 12 senior directors and around 50 student actors worked for over a month to make these plays possible. This year’s one acts were performed on December 7th, but you can still watch them using the links below.


“This is a Test” by Stephen Gregg

A comedy directed by Molly Lockrem, Jillian Hurley and Gabi Kramer

“ ‘This is a Test’ is a perfect one act about the anxiety and absurdity of high school life and the nightmare experiences of taking a big test,” said Hurley. (23:12)


“The Absolute Most Cliched Elevator Play in the History of the Entire Universe” by Werner Trieschmann

A comedy directed by Lucy Kellison and Hector Jimenez

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when Hector and I first casted our show. However, an amazing pregnant women, deep goth kid, three not-so-peppy cheerleaders and a million other stereotypes later, I can say that we picked the absolute best cast for the roles. We are so proud!” said Kellison (19:27)


“Paper or Plastic” by Werner Trieschmann

A comedy directed by Nora Barth and Grace Timpe

“Things go wrong for an enthusiastic employee starting at Puritan Foods: featuring crazy customers, overbearing bosses, and lazy coworkers. Enjoy the show!” said Timpe. (14:33)

“13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview” by Ian McWethy

A comedy directed by Ana Apfelbacher and Mary Horlander

“When two admission counselors find out they have to let one more student into their school, they must quickly conduct intervires to find the right candidate. Unfortunately for them, their interviews are just a series of one mishap after another…” said Horlander. (26:24)


“Everyone Gets Abducted by Aliens” by Marshall Pailet

A comedy directed by Grayson Cates and Liam Wojciechowski

“You should be petrified for your earthly existence because the alien invasion doomsday apocalypse catastrophe is most certainly approaching. Your guide, Conspiracy Dan, (who is, to no one’s surprise, not currently in a relationship) will offer practical advice for you to avoid the wrath of the alien Armageddon,” said Cates. (22:18)


“Lockdown” by Douglas Craven

A drama directed by Hayden Redelman

“This play’s eight students, trapped and fearing for their lives, reveal the terrifying reality of being a student in 21st Century America. Six school shootings have occurred since we started working on this show. This script made us cry, and we hope it make you cry, too. But, more importantly, we hope it compels you to act come the lives of America’s students… for our safety and our future,” said Redelman. (19:11)

NOTE: this play contains brief, mild profanity