Various elements of Christmas cause stress


On last year’s Black Friday, guests at the Fashion Mall gathered to take advantage of deals. Photo courtesy of Archives

Sarah Meek, Reporter

We often have many fond memories of Christmas. Decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, making cookies, sending Christmas cards, and spending time with family and all the memorable activities that take place throughout the Christmas season.

Junior Libby Kolbus said, “I love absolutely everything about Christmas. I love giving gifts and getting in the Christmas spirit.”

With all these memories to look forward to this year, all the spirit also brings on extra stresses. There is shopping in crowded malls, preparing a house for loads of family members, making Christmas dinner, and planning the perfect gifts for each and every family member.

This stress is brought on not just for adults, but also high school students. They begin helping their parents with the planning of the holiday while also worrying about final exams almost all the way up to the 25th. Finals are worth 20 percent of their semester grade, so they can not be distracted by the holidays excitement.

Junior Gabi Kramer said, “Christmas is fun, but stressful because gifts are so expensive. I always feel the need to buy all my friends and family one. I can also never really enjoy Christmas until a few days before, because final exams stress me out so much and that’s all I think about. My family is also very big, so that many people in one small area gets very stressful and overwhelming.”

Parents of young children have extra responsibilities on their hands during the Christmas season since they are expected to keep the magic of Christmas and Santa Claus alive throughout the season.

A trend that has been popular in the past eight years is the Elf on the Shelf. The magic behind that elf is that each night the elf flies back to the North Pole every night to give Santa a behavior report.

Mom of two young boys Jodi Blume said, ”Making sure the elf is hidden in a new creative spot and making sure the kids are getting letters a couple times a week is an added stress, but it is worth it to see how happy the boys are.”

Christmas is a happy and joyful time, but it comes with added stresses. The stresses of preparing for Christmas seems to all be worth it when the day comes.