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Upperclassmen switch things up to try new fall sport

Katie Meek

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For some people change is scary, and for others it is thrilling. Some upperclassmen have undergone extreme changes just this fall with switching athletic teams.

Junior Amani Gates gave up volleyball to practice her swing with the golf team. She is enjoying the change and the change in time commitment. She finds the practices and match days to be a different vibe.

However, for senior Malorie Weisenbach who joined the swim team last year and is currently running cross country season, she doesn’t see any change with her new sports. She said, “For me, the commitment to everything is the same no matter the sport.”

Warming up before a long run, senior Malorie Weisenbach, enjoys the friendship and camaraderie that trying a new sport has brought her during the season. photo by Ashley Freiburger

Making the switch from soccer to tennis, junior Ben Annakin plays his first match against the Lebanon Tigers.

Weisenbach points out the differences in team camaraderie. In her experience, soccer is one team versus another while cross country and swimming are individual, but the teammates are always there cheering one another along.

Junior Ben Annakin enjoys the individual challenge of a sport, so he thought the switch from soccer to tennis was easy. He notes that both sports require a strong mental attitude. Weisenbach can attest to sports needing mental toughness, especially with cross country this season.

Weisenbach shares a piece of wisdom for underclassmen considering joining a new team. She said, “Don’t be intimidated! Ten years from now, who is going to remember ‘that one kid’ trying new things.”