Trojans grateful for Riley Dance Marathon after a year of uncertainty

Maggie Smith, Features and Opinions Editor

Each year, around 160 students take part in Riley Dance Marathon at Bishop Chatard. Run by BCHS for Kids club, the dance marathon is a fun day that many students look forward to each year. 

Junior Grace Adams said, “I love going to the dance marathon each year because it’s for a great cause and you get to spend all day with your friends.”

The fun day benefits kids at Riley and Peyton Manning Children’s hospital and raises money that is put towards various necessities of the hospitals. In the 2019-2020 dance marathon, $3,167 was raised for the fund. Each student participating has raised a minimum of $30 with many students raising more. Various other fundraisers are also put together by the club including a charity spirit day, which students bring in $2 in order to wear comfy clothes and support a good cause. Also, the club does a dine to donate night at Chipotle each year with all the proceeds going towards the school’s dance marathon donations to Riley. This year’s dine to donate night is set for April 21st from 4-8.

This total amount of money raised is always unveiled on the day of the dance marathon, which this year is set for Wednesday April 18th. This date was moved farther back than in the years past. The marathon usually occurs around the winter months in January or February, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, it has been slightly pushed back to the spring. 

BCDM president, senior Bridget Faul, explained, “We were hoping to wait until we got out of the hybrid schedule, so we moved the date back to April, but we began to eventually lose hope thinking that we would still be in hybrid for this year. However, it soon got announced that we would be going back all in, which is super helpful in making this year’s dance marathon happen.”

The pushing back of the date has allowed the BCDM committees to prepare for a 5 hour day that is COVID-19 safe. Unlike many other schools who have mostly been virtual for their dance marathons, because of the switch back to all-in schooling at BCHS, the marathon is able to take place in person. Different from past years, the club plans on using various spaces including the auxiliary gym, the outdoor fields, the front lawn, cafeteria, and classrooms in order to have a safe, socially distanced day. Activities and games are also planned to be spread out and at a safe distance. Although this is very different from past years, the committees have been working hard to make this year’s dance happen.

Faul concluded, “We are going to try to make this year’s marathon as normal as possible, while still wearing masks and being as safe as we can.”