Trojans Excited to Start the Football Season


Photo by Mia Todd

Audrey Donaldson, Staff Reporter

After a long battle with COVID last season, and training all summer, the BCHS football team is ready to come back stronger than ever. The Trojans will be facing off against the Hamilton Southeastern Royals this friday, August 13th, for a scrimmage to start off the season. The Trojan football team is riled up and excited to start this season with a bang.

Junior football manager, Billy Nash, is very excited for the season to start. He said, “I am ready for this season to start. I think the team will be very good this year, and I believe that we have a good chance at winning the state for the third year in a row.” The Trojans are on a winning streak of winning state since 2019. “Hopefully we can just keep winning for the rest of my high school career.”

Junior football player Adam Harkness said, “I’ve been training all summer for the season to start, and after how hard COVID made last year’s season I’m ready for things to finally get back to normal and to have a good season.” Harkness and all of his teammates have been getting riled up for the big scrimmage on Friday. Along with the football team, the student body of BCHS are busy planning for the big game. This is the kickoff that will start the 2021-2022 football season, and students are buzzing with excitement at the fact that they will all be able to attend the games this year and not just the seniors. The theme for the game is Hawaiian and it will be at Hamilton Southeastern at 7:00 pm.