Trojans come together despite the remainder of the school year online


M. Borchers, Editor

On March 19, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb made the decision to close all schools in the state through May 1. At that time, he said it would be a “miracle” if school was able to happen for the remainder of the year. On April 2, the decision was confirmed that students around the state would finish their academic year at home. After this decision, Indiana joined the list of 14 other states who have also closed schools for this school year. With over 5,000 cases and a death toll nearing 200 people in Indiana alone, the decision was both difficult and justified. 

BCHS has since transitioned into full-time e-learning. With four traditional e-learning days throughout the week, students are also given a “Trojan Together” day where they are encouraged to still interact with teachers and catch up on any missing work. This day varies based on the week.

Efforts have been made to keep a sense of normalcy. Principal Mr. Joe Hansen still does his daily morning announcements and even presents the “Senior of the Day.” Mass is live-streamed on Thursdays and there are other options for spiritual development including weekly rosary and adoration live-streamed. 

Teachers have also made an effort to connect with their students during this difficult time. Whether it is through video conferencing or other methods, they are all here to help their students succeed during this difficult time.

However right the decision was, it is an understatement to say that the BCHS community is not saddened to hear the news of school being cancelled. Athletics, clubs, extracurriculars and cherished end-of-school-year memories will not be the same in 2020. 

Senior baseball player Patrick Mastrian will be attending the University of Michigan next school year to play baseball. He said, “Obviously, all of the cancellations happening at the end of our senior year is awful, but all we can do is control the controllables and move forward.” 

Senior softball player Jane Felts had similar feelings about the recent events. She added that the softball team has been “doing weekly zoom meetings with the coaches” and that they plan on still having a reception sometime in the summer to “be together as a team before we all part ways.”

Tennis coach and science teacher Mr. Cameron Huffman expressed his gratefulness for working with “such talented young women,” especially the Senior Class. He said, “It is very difficult to process what it means to miss this entire season, but above all, I just know I miss my seniors. I miss seeing them lead, watching their personalities grow, and I miss the memories we create over the course of a season.”

There have been many clubs affected by the school closing as well. Best Buddies president and senior Joslyn Wims said, “It’s really disappointing because March, April and May are our biggest fundraising months because they are the months leading up to the annual Friendship Walk. We are now forced to collect all donations online.”

With the spring musical only a week away from opening night when the shutdown was announced, the cast and crew had put in countless hours to make Guys and Dolls come to life. “I am very disheartened because this show truly was the best show Chatard has ever had, and no one will ever know. Everyone in the cast truly made the story come to life,” said senior lead Sophia Duray.

Fellow cast member and senior Grace Timpe added, “I’m really upset that I’ll never be able to perform with Chatard ever again after it was such a big part of my life for so many years.”

Perhaps the group most affected by all of this change is the Class of 2020 as a whole. According to college counselor Mrs. Pam Nixon, the Class of 2020 “has never been typical; it has been extraordinary” and she challenged the Senior Class to “stand out again by making a difference in the community in this time of need.”

Social studies teacher and baseball coach Mr. Joe Milharcic agreed and said, “I am absolutely devastated that I won’t be able to authentically interact with a SOLID senior class and to coach our players on a very talented team.” He added that he was sad that the Senior Class would not be able to participate in the usual events that the “end of high school offers.”

While typical end of school year activities including Honors Night, prom, graduation and other events have not been made an official decision on, the BCHS administration is working to make these events possible in whatever way they can, even if they are nontraditional.

The hallways at BCHS remain empty as students finish the remainder of the school year with e-learning from home. Teachers are finding new ways to get the necessary materials to their students.

Senior parent Mrs. Paje Felts said, “It’s disappointing and sad, but a one-day ceremony is just one day and four amazing years at Chatard have had many memories that you should hold close to your heart.”

“Our Senior Class was something special, and I know how successful everyone can be. I can’t express how thankful I am for this class and Chatard,” said Mastrian.

Senior student council president Lucy Kellison left her thoughts by saying, “I truly think this quarantine is a pause we didn’t want, but a pause we needed. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think I could miss something the way I miss the Class of 2020. However, the appreciation for the life I had is at an all-time high. I truly believe that when this is all over, there will be more love in this world.”


Message Mrs. Nixon wanted to give to the Class of 2020:

“Thank you for being special. Thank you for holding each other to a high standard and pushing each other forward to excellence in all areas. I have been amazed by your kindness, faith, academic commitment, artistic talents, hard work, athletic accomplishments, and all the fun you have together. Please know that the BCHS community will never forget you and will always be behind you. Even if we aren’t able to be with you at all of the end of year celebrations, you are in our prayers every day. Please be aware that we will be inviting ourselves to your class reunions for years to come.”


Letter from the editor of Trojan Matters:

As I am writing my last post ever for the Blueprint, the moment is definitely bittersweet. While Trojan Matters did not get the end I would have hoped, I wouldn’t trade my memories in Room 210 for anything. After getting time to reflect on my senior year, it truly has been my favorite year at Bishop Chatard, despite all of this. Our school is hands down special; no denying it. The relationships and friendships I have made at BCHS will forever have a special place in my heart. So to all the underclassmen at BCHS, I have a challenge for you. Come back to BCHS next year with a fresh perspective. Be excited to learn everyday. Be enticed to explore new things. You never know when it will suddenly end. So join the club, volunteer for the open house, stay after class for the extra help, go to the football game on Friday night and make sure you soak everything in. 

Thank you Bishop Chatard for four unforgettable years, and thank you to my Trojan Matters staff!

Mary Borchers