Trojan weight lifting class added


During the new strength training class, Mr. Eric Quintana spots for senior Jack Calvert. The course meets during zero period at 7 a.m. photo by J. Crawford

Sarah Meek

At the beginning of the 2018-19 school year, the strength and conditioning class was added and offered to all BCHS student athletes. Graham Wilkerson, owner of Genesis Sports Performance and the BCHS strength and conditioning coach, and Mr. Eric Quintana, physical education teacher are leading the class. It takes place during zero period, from 7-7:40 A.M.

The class is co-ed, but this semester it is a male dominant class with 60 boys and 1 girl. The class will split in two parts, due to the large number of students in attendance. Twenty minutes will be spent in the gym doing agility and speed, while the other half is spent lifting in the weight room.

Junior Thomas Joven said, “I think is class is a good idea because I always want to continue becoming stronger and faster for football and track.”

This class will count as half a credit per semester it is taken, meaning it will take a year to receive a semester credit.

Wilkerson said, “this class is only the start of what BCHS needs to get to eventually to compete with the higher competition.”