Trojan travels to China for rugby

Tracy Luke


From Bishop Chatard to Nanjing, China, senior Brian Hannon has been around the world in about three weeks. This past winter, the rugby player tried out for the High School All- American rugby team.  From there, he was noticed and picked for the Junior Summer Olympic team to represent the U.S.A. in China and San Francisco.

In high school, Hannon has played for the Royal Irish Rugby team that includes both Cathedral and Chatard students. Most recently, that team went on to win the national championship.  In China, he played for the “Sevens” team.

“As a team, we placed fifth. We competed well, but didn’t end up with the results we wanted,” Hannon said.  He added that he was satisfied with his efforts. “I played pretty well and started three out of the six games.”

Hannon explained that he had a hard time transitioning back to a school schedule. “I’m struggling with the time schedule, but I’ll hopefully be caught up by the end of the week.” Nanjing is on a 12-hour time difference from Indiana and after traveling to both San Francisco, California and China, it’s not easy to get back to this time zone.

Brian Hannon was one of 12 boys from around the nation to have been chosen to participate in the Junior Summer Olympics. Hannon said, “Overall, it was a great experience. I got to represent my country while playing the sport I love.” by Sian Rhodes, file photo by Marie Joseph