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Things to look forward to second semester

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Things to look forward to second semester

Katie Meek

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Jan 14: Dance Marathon

 “It’s a different way to give back. Dancing with you friends is a lot of fun,”  said senior Lydia Dessauer.

Jan 16-19: Senior retreat #3

Seniors Sophie Reed and Kaitlin Wallis write in their journals in the Fatima Retreat House Chapel. This is one of the various activities that the seniors participate in during senior retreat.




Jan 19: March for Life
Jan. 29-Feb. 2: Catholic schools week
Feb. 9: Morp & Blood Drive
Feb. 20-23: Senior retreat #4
March 4-5: Junior girls/boys retreat #2
March 6: All school penance service
March 8: NHS induction ceremony / senior grandparents mass
March 13-16: Senior retreat #5

 “It’s a awesome experience that everyone should get to go and partake in,” said senior Sophie Sergi.

March 23: Community service day
March 22-24: Spring Musical

The theatre program presents the 2017 spring musical, “Back to the 80’s”. Many students from various grades participate in both the cast and crew. Acting or being part of the crew is great way to try something new or get more acclimated within BCHS.






April 6-15: Spring Break
April 27: St. Augustine Prom

 “It’s nice to see that you can help these elderly people because they get so excited,” said senior Kevin McNelis.

April 28: Prom
April 30: Celebration of the Arts
May 1: Honors Night
May 2-4: New Play Festival
May 17: Commencement Practice/Baccalaureate Mass
May 18: Commencement
May 22: Q4 ends