Theatre students excited to have fall play


Sarah Semon playing the part of Ophelia in last year’s fall play.

Maddie Barbar, Reporter

After the cancellation of the spring musical because of the Coronavirus outbreak, many Chatard students were disappointed. The musical was “Guys and Dolls” directed by Ms. Holly Stults, Mr. Mark Duray, and Mr. Troy Cockrum. 

Sophomore Sarah Semon, who performed the part of Ophelia in the fall play, “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)”, is a part of the theater department . Semon was also going to be a part of the “Guys and Dolls” cast. The cast and crew had been working very hard on the musical production, when it all came to a crashing halt a couple of days before opening night. Semon said, “When we heard the musical was canceled, it all just stopped. You wouldn’t believe it for a second. It was a total shock to your system.” 

Mary Horlander and Henry Gramling perform a scene during last year’s fall play.

Junior James Haas, who has been a part of many of Chatard’s theater productions, said, “It was disappointing for everyone that worked so hard on the musical; however, it was even more crushing that the seniors didn’t get to enjoy their last performance at Chatard.” As many activities and clubs were canceled last spring, students are hoping for those activities to return this fall. After hearing about a possible fall play, Semon said, “I think anything we can get would be amazing; anyway to be able to act and perform would be a blessing for all of us.”

Within the past week, Mr. Cockrum, Ms. Stults, and Mr. Duray, along with BCHS administration, came to the decision that there will be a fall play. The play will have certain precautions in order to maintain safety for students. These precautions include; a small cast and crew, minimal costumes, and a simple set. When told about the potential for a fall play, Haas said, “I hadn’t heard about a fall play yet, so that’s great news and I hope to be a part of it.” 

The fall play will be “Almost, Maine” written by John Cariani. Cariani’s play consists of nine short plays filled with vivid characters that are all a part of a mythical and mysterious town: Almost, Maine. Each character’s story depicts themes of love, loss, and friendship in their small town. 

The production of “Almost, Maine” will happen November 19th through the 21st. Auditions for “Almost, Maine” will occur through video submissions. The read-thru for the play will be on Monday, October 5th. Audition forms will be sent out via email within the next week, so keep an eye out for that and break a leg!