The Blueprint

The Citadel

Being a part of the yearbook is taking on the responsibility of creating a book that captures the year in photos and words.  It is a herculean task and it takes all staff members to contribute to its success.

This year, a staff of 10 student editors and 13 advanced photography students supervised by Mrs. Tracy Luke, MJE, publications adviser, are the creators of  The Citadel, the annual BCHS yearbook.  They meet during periods 1 and 4 and many, many hours outside of class.  The editors of the 2019 Citadel are Abby Stehlik, editor-in-chief, and Jaeden Crawford, photo editor.

For a sneak peek at the work of the staff,  look at the  ‘Photos’ link above. Many of these photos have been taken by this year’s Citadel staff.

Advanced Photography staff – front – Natalie Donaldson, Anna Wuensch, Jaeden Crawford (editor), Katie Grote, Kaylee Rulong; standing – Lainey Scroggins, Brooklyn Reitz, Ashley Freiburger, Nathan Horlander, Miranda Stickel, Lily Hofmeister, Gloria Vasquez

front – Katie Guymon, events editor; Reese Kaminski, time co-editor; Meghan Koers, time co-editor; Molly Grant, album co-editor, Dee Dee Caskey, sports co-editor;
back – Simon Confer, business editor; Abby Stehlik, editor in chief, Grace McGinley, sports editor, Kate Bosley, album co editor; Libby Kolbus, co-sports editor

Yearbook  ‘Baby’ Ads for Seniors will be sent out in January, 2019

Seniors — Tell Your Parents:  Remind them that they don’t want to miss placing an ad for you in the BCHS yearbook. This is one of the most popular traditions and gives your parents the opportunity to leave lasting well wishes for your student! Photos and text are due by in mid- February, 2019 but don’t delay, because space is limited.

Details and Form

Become a Reporter for the Citadel

If you are interested in being a part of this staff, consider taking the beginning journalism or beginning photography courses offered.  In addition, all students must apply for a position on the staff.

Applications will be available in January, 2019.

Citadel Awards

For five years, the Citadel staff has earned  a “Hoosier Star” award as the top yearbook or finalist (top four) in that category. The award is given by the Indiana High School Press Association and represents the top yearbook in its category (student population 1000 or fewer). In addition, nearly every designer or photographer who entered the most recent state competition earned recognition. Nationally, the Citadel has been named a Book of Excellence by its publisher and several of its pages have been placed a book of stellar yearbook designs.


  • Hoosier Star – runner up – top in state in yearbooks in the division
  • Chronological coverage – 1st place
  • People section – 1st place – Abby Teed (’18), Sara Wallander (’18)
  • Advertising – 3rd place – Casey Maexner (’18), Maggie Peck (’18)
  • Academics – 2nd place – Hannah Miller (’17), Katie Nickerson (’18)
  • Student Life – honorable mention – Natalie Thrasher (’18), Mary Kate Meloy (’17)
  • Photo Portfolio – 1st place – Remy McAlister (’17)
  • Spot News – honorable mention – Remy McAlister (’17)
  • Sports photo – 2nd place – Emma Baldwin (’17)
  • Theme – honorable mention – Frankie Kontor (’17), Emma Baldwin (’17), staff


  • Hoosier Star – runner up – top in state in yearbooks in the division
  • Chronological coverage – 1st place
  • People section – 1st place – Frankie Kontor (’17), Ava Warrenfelt (’16)
  • Advertising – 1st place
  • Organizations and Clubs – 3rd place – Kristen Battiato (’16), Caroline Metzger (’16)
  • Academics – honorable mention – Allison Scroggins (’16), Ann Marie Matheny (’16)
  • Student Life – 2nd place – Caroline Metzger (’16), Rose Skripsky (’16)
  • Feature Photo – 3rd place – Becca Coan (’16)
  • Spot News – 3rd place – Emma Baldwin (’17)
  • Feature writing – 3rd place – Kristen Battiato (’16)
  • Sports pages – 2nd place – Alex Barnes (’16), Anna Lubbers (’16), Maggie Kassenbrock (’17)



  • Hoosier Star – honorable mention – top in state in yearbooks in the division
  • Spot News Photography – 1st place – Becca Coan (’16)
  • Feature Photography – 3rd place – Marie Joseph (’15)
  • Photography Portfolio – 2nd place – Becca Coan (’16)
  • Organization/Club pages – 3rd place – Kendall Englert (’16), Erin Wallander (’16)
  • Chronological design/concept – 1st place – Kristen Battiato (’16), Kendall Englert (’15)
  • Student Life design/concept – 2nd place – staff
  • Academic design/concept – 1st place – staff
  • Album design – 1st place – Erin Weaver (’16), Rose Skripsky (’15)

  • 2014
  • Album design – first place – 2014:
  • Citadel – Hoosier Star winner (four years running – top yearbook in its division – 1000 students or less)
  • Photo portfolio – first place – Marie Joseph (‘15)
  • Contemporary design – second place
  • Sports photography – first place – Marie Joseph (‘15)
  • Feature photography – second place – staff
  • Album spreads – second place
  • Clubs/organizations – third place
  • Published in Photographer Forum’s magazine and hardback book in Best of HS/college photography – Becca Coan (’16)
  • Scholastic Art and Writing regional competition – photography medal – Chloe Hill (’16)


2013 Yearbook State Awards

  • Student Life Section Third: Maggie McNelis, Amanda Rulong—(‘13)
  • Organization Section Honorable Mention: Sophie Meier—(‘13)
  • Academic Section Third: Paige Annee, Claire Manuczak—(‘14)
  • People Section Laura Burger, Emily Almack (‘13)
  • Sports Section Honorable Mention: Hannah Gardner (‘14), Morgan Paras (‘13) Olivia Russell (‘14)
  • Yearbook Spot News Photo Second: B. Hutson—(‘13)
  • Yearbook Sports Photo Honorable Mention: Paige Barnes—(‘13)
  • Yearbook Feature Photo Third: Bridget Hutson—(‘13)