The art club changes Syrian refugees lives


Carmen Sullivan

BCHS’s Art club has provided a smile to many oppressed children. The students were sent photos of refugee children in Syria and recreated the photos into art using their talents. Art teacher Mrs. Lisa Johnson has been doing this project for many years and this is her second time doing this project at BCHS along with art teacher Mrs. Emily Goff. “It’s a way for us to help young people who have been through a lot of trauma.” said Mrs. Johnson. The art club is a very service oriented group and thought this project would be a perfect fit. Students spent about 3 months working to make these works of art as enjoyable for these children as possible. However, the best part of the experience was the reward the art club received. Recently, the students received a video of the children in Syria receiving their paintings and enjoying their artwork. “I cried while watching it. These kids feel like the world has forgotten about them and it’s nice to remind them that other people all the way across the world are here for them,” said Mrs. Johnson.