Tenderness tour ends at BCHS


Marissa Almack

Senior students are taking their social justice class to the streets by helping with the Tenderness Tour as Mr. Richard Propes wheels through multiple Indiana trails. Mr. Propes, a paraplegic, double amputee with spina bifida does an annual Tenderness Tour in which he raises money for children’s organizations. During the tour, he will travel in his wheelchair all across Indiana.

The event began in 1989 when Mr. Propes decided to go on a 41-day trek along the border of Indiana as a way to heal himself from his childhood of sexual abuse. His journey was over 1,000 miles and inspired many miles more as he now approaches his 27th year of the Tenderness Tour.

The Tenderness Tour he is coordinating with students here is being done to help Terre Haute’s Ryves Youth Center. This organization is also a part of the Indianapolis Archdiocese and Mr. Propes believed that it was the perfect institution for the BCHS students to become involved with. He will also be honoring Terre Haute child Cameron Hoopingarner and Delphi teens Abigail Williams and Liberty German during his walk. The first mile of the tour will be dedicated to Hoopingarner, a nine-year-old with cerebral palsy and blindness who passed away from neglect in February. The last mile of the tour will be dedicated to Williams and German who were murdered while out at an Indiana trail.

The tour started on March 19 in Terre Haute and will end on March 24 in Indianapolis. Mr. Propes will travel along 12 Indiana trails in an effort to raise enough support for 12 children to have a year of services at Ryves including meals, after school support, mentoring, tutoring, and other activities.

Tenderness Tour 4 Ryves Itinerary

  • March 18: Arrival in Terre Haute for tour preparations. Spend night in Terre Haute.
  • March 19: 1 p.m. “Cameron’s Mile” on the Collett Park Pathway

                   3 p.m. Hulman Street Trail                            

Spend night in Terre Haute – Meetings/Outreach

  • March 20: 9 a.m. Wheel National Road Heritage Trail in Terre Haute starting from Twigg Trailhead; trail ends near ISU and Ryves. At 1 p.m., visit Ryves Youth Center. At the end of day’s outreach, will spend the night in Brazil, Indiana.
  • March 21: 9 a.m. Wheel Brazil’s Forest Park Trail with outreach in afternoon. Spend the night in Greencastle, Indiana.
  • March 22: 9 a.m. Wheel Prindle Trail and Creekside Trail in the Depauw Nature Trails; at 1 p.m., head over to Greencastle and complete the People Pathways. At the end of the day, spend night in Plainfield, Indiana.
  • March 23: 9 a.m. Wheel the Vandalia Trail (Plainfield leg only – Start at Aquatic Center) and the White Lick Trail; at 1pm, complete the Hummel Park Loops with outreach/meetings. Overnight in Fountain Square area of Indy.
  • March 24: 9 a.m. Start at Fountain Square trailhead of Indianapolis Cultural Trail and wheel to Monon Trail; “The Last Mile” will begin at Canterbury Park to be joined by students from Bishop Chatard High School. Propes will join a rally and speak at Bishop Chatard