Teachers offer life advice to graduating class


Reporter 2014

As seniors enter into their last week of high school, teachers share their most important pieces of life advice they can offer to the graduating class.

“Be kind. Kindness is everything.” -Mrs. Jaydene O’Donaghue, fine arts teacher

“I go back to my advice from senior retreat. Always remember that there’s only one of you. God created you that way, He loves you just the way you are. And if you believe in yourself, then all your decisions can be based on that and you can be confident and you can succeed. Just remember that God loves you because He created you and only you.” -Mrs. Carol Wagner, director of Campus Ministry

“Make sure you stay grounded and remember that your family and friends are always there to support you, no matter what.” -Mrs. Kim Shaw, science teacher

“Don’t let anybody talk you out of your goals. There’s just been too many times in history where people were told ‘you don’t have enough experience or background’ and low and behold we know their names today.” -Mr. Bob McClain, librarian

“Ask for help. The people behind the desks, your RA, your professors, people at the learning/writing center, the tech department folks, ect. are being paid to answer your questions- so ask them. College is a lot more fun when you are ‘in the know.’ Talk to people, don’t become glued to your phone or tablet. The friends you make are invaluable.” -Mrs. Gayle Mass, math teacher by Maggie Dietrick