Take a look back at the first week of seminars


C. Creamer, Reporter

While the new school year brings new changes such as the cell phone policy, the new seminar schedule is one of the biggest changes. What was previously known as homeroom is now the new seminar. 

The week is broken down into three different seminar groups: A, B, and C. Seminar A (Thursdays) is mass day, where all students are assigned to a teacher and classroom to sit with at the weekly all school masses. 

During Seminar B (Mondays and Tuesdays), all students are either assigned or had the opportunity to choose an academic activity to do during these days. Some of these include a study hall, SAT prep, Publications, and more. These 30 minute periods can help students get ahead academically and become prepared for the upcoming week. 

Students work on homework in Mr. Jones’ study hall in seminar B.

Seminar C (Wednesdays and Fridays) are the more easy going and fun days. These seminars allow students and staff to take time to enjoy activities that normally don’t fit into the basic school curriculum. These range from LEGO club, to film club, and many more. Students receive this new opportunity to learn or master skills that are usually not included in their academic life. 

In seminar C, students in Lego Club build new structures.
Mr. Sahm teaches students in seminar C how to play ping pong.
During seminar C, students enjoy a game of kickball on the football field.