Summer changes: new people, new classrooms


There are no more classrooms in the SBC. Mr. Matt Hilton, theology and Latin teacher has moved to Room 207.

As students venture into the 2019-2020 school year, they will see some new faces and teachers in new places.

No longer will students move to the SBC for classes. Mr. Matt Hilton, theology and Latin teacher, will be in Room 207; Mrs. Kelly Williams-Ihlendorf, Latin teacher, will be in Room 312 and Mr. Tim Boyle, theology teacher, will be teaching in Room 100 which was formerly the Foods Room. It is located just outside the cafeteria and kitchen. Mrs. Beth Brogan, director of Academic Support, will teach her classes in Rooms 309, CLC west, 302.

Students will find Campus Ministry in the cafeteria. Mr. Steven Patzke begins his tenure as director of campus ministry. His office is in the corner of the cafeteria as well as Deacon Rick Wagner and campus ministry assistant Mrs. Cathy Dolan.

New teachers include: Ms. Maddisen Brenneke, geometry, Rooms 205, 305, 208, 211, 201;  Mr. Troy Cockrum, IU public speaking, theater arts, beginning journalism, Room 102; Ms. Katie Sahm, theology, Rooms 111, 107

Mr. Michael Dlugosz, begins as cafeteria manager with Mrs. Brenda Henry’s retirement and Ms. Holly Stults, education programs director at Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre, will work after school to direct the theater program.

Other room changes include: Mrs. Carrie Foster, American Sign Language teacher, is in the CLC west which has now become a classroom; Mrs. Julia Hasbrook, Spanish teacher, will be in Room 317 while Spanish teacher Ms. Lauren Palmer has moved to Room 315. Three English teachers have moved. Ms. Maura Day has moved to Room 303 and Mrs. Molly Mohrfeld is in Room 302 while Ms. MaryBeth Graves is in Room 304.

Other moves on the third floor include: Mrs. Brenda Seager will teach social studies in Room 313. Ms. Danielle Davis, Spanish teacher, will be in Rooms 315, 302, 212, 317, 310; Mrs. Michelle Kowal, academic support office, will teach Applied Math in Room 307 and Mrs. Michelle McCarthy, academic support office, will teach Essential Skills in Room 306. Mr. Mark Jones, math teacher, moved downstairs to Room 212.