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Students work over the summer

Emma Kennedy

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As summer approaches, more and more students are searching to find a job to earn money this upcoming summer. Many have applied for a job in the food industry, yet other popular options include nannying or working at other small stores.

Ben Bardol, junior, has started to work, and will continue to work throughout the summer at Monon Food Company. He knew he wanted to work here after he walked in and instantly knew he was interested. Bardol decided to apply for the job because he knows that he will need money for gas, food and other activities that he plans on doing during the summer. This job, he says, will not only help him financially, but it will also help him later in life. Bardol said, “It’s a good learning experience for when you’re older; it teaches you responsibility.”

Similarly, Junior Lindsey Traub has secured a nannying job with a family for the upcoming summer. She chose to do this instead of a traditional job because she feels that it would be the best kind of work for her because she loves kids and she thinks that both the hours and the amount of freedom a nanny has is very nice, especially during the summer.

Traub believes that it is important that everyone look into having a summer job because it can help you earn money for college and learn how to balance responsibilities. However, she doesn’t think that anyone should fret about not having a job yet. She said, “I think that if the time is right and the opportunity is there then you should take it, but I don’t think it is an absolute necessity.”

A summer job could be very beneficial to any high school student, so, if it can fit in one’s schedule, it is important that everyone start looking for one for the upcoming break.