Students succeed at Model UN conference

Students succeed at Model UN conference

Reporter 2014

On March 19 and 20, students competed at a conference at IUPUI as part of Model United Nations.  “It is an educational simulation and academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations,” said Ms. Brenda Seager, social studies teacher and Model UN moderator.

Jacob Pletcher, senior, and Sam Kennedy, junior, both won second best delegate for their performance at the conference.  They were both acting as delegates for Russia during World War III and were trying to solve their problems with the United States.  “I guess the moderators thought we did a good job not getting nuked by the U.S. But it was cool being recognized, especially in my first year (attending the conference),” said Kennedy.

“I was both surprised and excited. I did not expect to win an award, but I am happy that the moderators decided that we performed in a manner deserving an award,” said Pletcher.  The students at the conference are scored on criteria that they are not aware of during the delegations.

Mrs. Seager said, “I’m super excited for the boys! It’s so nice to see these future leaders excited and knowledgeable about world events. I’m happy for all the students that participated, that they received this exposure to the greater world outside of Indiana.” by Sian Rhodes, photo by Maggie Kassenbrock