Students share opinions about service day


Katie Meek, Editor

Last Friday the entire student body and staff took part in the annual community service day. Director of campus ministry Mrs. Carol Wagner and her team finds a various agencies and parishes around Indianapolis for students to go to serve.

Freshman Audrey Russell participated in her first service day. Nearly 120 freshmen and sophomores served at Gleaners Food Bank. Gleaners is one of the largest agencies BCHS serves. Russell said, “It’s kind of cool how we get to do this. I don’t know if other schools do it, but it’s just a good opportunity to help others and do it with my classmates.”

Senior Sarah Mastrian has visited four different agencies on her four Community Service Days. Mastrian has served at Gleaners, St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, Joy’s House, and interviewed different agencies for a Magnified Giving grant.

Some students served at BCHS. Sophomores Sarah Meek and Abby Underwood paint murals in the weight room.

Mastrian said, “Service is an integral part of living out our faith. It’s very empowering to see the whole school go out into the community to show that.”

While some students grumble about the effort, ┬áMastrian believes that a person’s attitude will determine whether or not they reap the benefits that service day has to offer. Mastrian said, “If you choose positivity and jump into what you’re doing, you can get a lot out of service day and maybe learn something you didn’t know before.”

Since 2008, service day has become a yearly tradition. Mrs. Wagner believes that service is a part of the core of the Catholic faith and a significant part of what BCHS deems important. She said, “It (service) is putting what we say into action.”

Mrs. Wagner used a quote from Gandhi to inspire and motivate herself, students and faculty members leading up to service day: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Mrs. Wagner added that the reason BCHS continues service day annually is to show how it isn’t always about serving our ownneeds, rather putting others first.