Students prepare for theater performances


Janie Gleaves

As conditioning, practice and tryouts start up for winter sports, the theater program will hit its stride this season too. With the upcoming fall play, as well as senior directed one acts, the casts and crews are busy at work preparing.

This year, the fall play will be While the Lights Were Out. It is half mystery, half comedy and a whole lot of hard work.

Erik Compton, junior and light crew head and Grace Lundy, senior and stage manager work on sets for the fall play, While the Lights Were Out.

Senior Grace Lundy is the stage manager for the fall play. “The actors have had rehearsal every week, Monday through Thursday,” said Lundy.

Monica Babbey, sophomore, was in both the fall play and a one act last year, and has come back for round two.

“Last year I wasn’t sure on how to practice and how much to practice, because it was my first high school play, so I wasn’t sure where to start. This year I have the hang of it though. However, it’s more difficult this year, because I have a bigger role. But one thing that helps me is running lines everyday with my little sister. It kind of becomes part of my homework,” said Babbey.

The crew has also been making huge progress.

Lundy said, “We have been working hard since early in the school year. In August, we started planning, building and painting the set. We’ve been working on finding all of the needed props, getting the lighting and sound set and preparing the hair, costumes and makeup.”

While the Lights Were Out will show on Oct. 27-29 at 7:30 p.m. in the main gym while all of the senior directed one acts will be performed on Dec. 3.

Due to the amount of overlap in the cast and crew of the fall play and that of the one acts, the one acts have not gotten into full swing yet. Lundy is also a director for one of the four one acts.

She said, “The seniors have chosen their shows and the casts have been selected. Now we are just waiting for the fall play to finish and then we will begin rehearsal.”

Babbey, who is acting in Lundy’s one act, said, “While one acts have less rehearsal and are a little bit more casual, they’re both fun in their own ways!”