Students give homemade gifts and store-bought gifts


Marissa Almack

Christmas is a time of giving, whether that be to charity or family and friends. Finding the perfect gift for people is not always the easiest thing to do. Many people choose to go to the store to find their gifts but others may get creative and make homemade gifts.

Store-bought gifts are often a more common option when on the hunt for gifts. Stores offer a lot of things that can not be recreated at home. Many people also ask for specific gifts or gadgets from stores.

Anthony Banayote, senior, prefers receiving store-bought gifts in comparison to receiving homemade gifts. He said that it is easier for his family to get things he wants at a store and it is too complicated for them to make something homemade. “I like to give my family a list of what I want and it’s a lot easier on them to just buy those things from the store,” said Banayote.

Lucy Horlander, senior, agrees that store bought gifts are a lot easier to buy but it is not always the best option. “A lot of the time a store-bought gift is easier but that doesn’t always make it better. Some of the best gifts I’ve ever given or been given have been handmade,” she said.

Crafting a gift at home does not always guarantee success but often holds more meaning. When something is handmade many see it as being more heartfelt and sentimental. Audrey Kelly, senior, makes a majority of her gifts for her family and friends. “Most of my gifts are homemade because it’s more heartfelt and shows you care about them more if you make something,” she said. Kelly also sees the appeal in buying gifts. She said that it’s fun to shop and find things in store that someone would like.

Another aspect of choosing between a store-bought gift or a handmade gift is the price. Stores often have holiday sales and the opportunity for a good deal but can be expensive depending on the item. But making gifts at home does not always mean that they will be cheaper. Often all of the supplies to make a craft can add up in cost. Although, if one has all of the necessary supplies at home, it makes a cheap and accessible gift. Ellen Beaty, senior, prefers to make homemade gifts because of this. “I like to make gifts because I don’t have to spend money,” she said.

Although there are many different options to choose between when it comes to gift giving, many agree that it is a highlight of the holiday season.

“Giving gifts and using my talents to do that is a tangible way to show people you care about them during the holidays,” said Horlander.

[/media-credit] Homemade ornaments are a common gift to give during Christmas.

photo courtesy of Marissa Almack