Students enjoy a lengthened fall break


C. Hubert, Reporter

Many students have probably noticed that the fall break for BCHS is a whole week this year, instead of the usual two days. This leaves the door open for many opportunities for families to go to places they wouldn’t normally be able to do. 

BCHS principal Mr. Joe Hansen said, “Many schools in the greater Indianapolis area have weeklong fall breaks. My previous school where I served as principal implemented a weeklong fall break and it was very successful.”

With a week long fall break, coaches have taken advantage of these extra few days and have scheduled practice every day. Juniors David Harless and Nicholas Machala are both staying in Indianapolis next week, so they won’t miss out on any soccer practices. However, if BCHS loses next Monday night, they won’t have practice and Harless will travel with his family. “I got invited to go out to Los Angeles next week, but I’m not going if my team pulls through on Monday,” said Harless.

This is the last week for JV cross country, and junior Isaac LeMark is going to “eat food and play video games” over his lengthened break, since he has no practice. As will junior AJ Morrow. “I’m probably going to play a lot of Minecraft since I haven’t been able to this week,” said Morrow.

Aside from the staycation and the athletic week ahead of some students, students are also using this opportunity to travel with their families and friends. Freshman Emmy Fox and junior Clay Fox will be venturing up to Canada next week. “It kind of stinks that I can’t hang out with my friends but I bet I’ll have a good time with my family,” said Clay Fox.

The extra few days will be a good relaxation time for most students and staff members. “It comes exactly at the end of the first quarter which is great for student and teacher wellness,” said Mr. Hansen