Student is accepted into the IHSAA advisory


Carmen Sullivan

Recently, the IHSAA has accepted their 2018-2019 Student Advisory Committee. Sophomore Edreece Redmond was one of the student athletes accepted into the program. Redmond is looking forward to participating in the group of juniors and seniors. “It is a group that gets together and help to pretty much better high school sports in Indiana,” said Redmond. He is also looking forward to learning more about the high school sports in Indiana. This will include events for mentally and physically disabled students to play sports in, attending the state championships for multiple sports and handing out the medals to the students.

Athletic Director Mr. Mike Ford nominated Redmond for the position. In order to be considered for one of the junior positions, Redmond had to go through an interview process. A few days later, Redmond was informed he made the advisory. “I get to meet people from all across the state, not just the Indianapolis area,” said Redmond.