Start looking for summer jobs


M. Borchers, Trojan Matters Editor

Many high schoolers in the summer months have jobs to keep them busy and to help make some extra money. With spring just around the corner, it is important to start looking at options and applying for summer jobs now. 

From the food industry, to clothing, to nannying, to life guarding, there is something everyone can excel in. 

Senior Erik Bowes is a lifeguard at the Riviera Club during the summer. He said, “It gives me structure during the summer and an everyday routine which is nice. Also, I get paid to tan.”

Teenagers age 14 and older can be hired. From ages 14-17, a work permit must be acquired. According to Indiana Child Labor Laws, teenagers age 17 and below cannot work in jobs regarding “explosives, coal mining, logging, radioactive materials, power-driven machinery, roofing” and other related jobs. There are also restrictions regarding how many hours teenagers can work during the school week. 

When filling out job applications, it is important to have important documents with you (for example, your driver’s license). Also, it is important to write clearly and make sure all questions are filled out to the best of your ability. If the application process requires an interview, dressing nicely and creating a strong first impression will help your chances of receiving the job. 

Here are a few options for places hiring around BCHS, according to

– Donatos Pizza (Team Member)— Broad Ripple

– Jimmy Johns (Sandwich Maker)— Indianapolis

– Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream (Ice Cream Associate)— Carmel ($8-9/hr.)

– Pet Palace Resort (Pet Care Specialist)— Indianapolis 

– AMC Theaters (Crew)— Indianapolis

– Foot Locker (Sales Associate)— Indianapolis 

– Kroger (Retail Clerk)— Indianapolis 

– ALDI (Part-Time Store Associate)— Indianapolis ($14.30/hr.)