Sophomore earns place in youth orchestra

Emma Kennedy

For many students, time and hard work contributes to their successes. This is especially true in the case of sophomore Emily Boon. After six years of playing the flute, Boon has been given the opportunity to play in with a prestigious orchestra this October.

Emily Boon, sophomore, practices her flute during band class. photo by Alyssa Behringer

Earlier this month, Boon earned a spot in the Philharmonic section of the New World Youth Orchestra. She was selected to be the second chair in the flute section. To secure this spot, over the summer, she prepared a few sets of music which she auditioned for three judges at the Hilbert Circle Theater downtown. “A few weeks later, I got an email from the executive director that said that I got in.” She added, “I’m so excited to play with such a talented group and organization!”

Before this, Boon also played in the pit orchestra for the summer stock production of “Pippin” performed at Park Tudor School. Among a group of adult musicians, she was the only high school student performing in that production.

As one of only eight musicians selected to be a part of the wind section in the New World Youth Orchestra, Boon will debut her skill with the orchestra the end of October at Hilbert Circle Theater.