Senior Oskar Eisgruber advances to State Diving Finals


Eisgruber is the first BCHS student to make it to State Diving Finals. Photo by Nathan Horlander

Claire Williams, News Editor


The one word senior Oskar Eisgruber used to encapsulate his emotions after qualifying for the State Diving Finals this past Saturday. Eisgruber has become the first BCHS student in school history to qualify for Diving State.

Eisgruber has been a member of the BCHS Swimming and Diving Team for four years. Making it to state has been a goal of Eisgruber’s ever since his freshman year. Eisgruber knew this year, his senior season, provided the final opportunity for reaching his goal. “I didn’t want to have any regrets,” Eisgruber said.

Going into this year, Eisgruber made a few changes in his practice plan. In the past, he had practiced at The University of Indianapolis but made a switch this year to Lawrence North with a different coach. Eisgruber says the change had nothing to do with the coach, but rather with convenience. “It took me took two times as long to commute to UIndy, and the practices there were always crowded with other divers,” Eisgruber said.

Practicing at Lawrence North gave Eisgruber more board time, which clearly paid off in his Regional meet. Although Eisgruber felt anxious during his first five dives and doubted his ability to move forward in the competition, he was able to focus and regain hope for advancing. “During my last 6 dives, my nervousness subsided which helped my score surpass my competitors,” Eisgruber said.

While Eisgruber’s personal favorite part of this season has been qualifying for state, he has equally loved the moments he’s shared with his teammates at meets and team parties. Eisgruber has formed connections even outside the BCHS team. “I’ve also enjoyed meeting other divers from meets and practices,” he said. Eisgruber is excited to watch the other competitors perform their “amazing dives” in the competition this weekend.

Come support Eisgruber make history this Saturday, Feb. 23 at 9 am at the IUPUI Natatorium.