Senior night for improv team proves to be a success

Claire Boon, News Editor

As the seniors on the Balding Eagles improv team get ready to graduate, they had their senior night last weekend. The event consisted of a “teachers vs seniors challenge” with both teams participating in games while the audience chose which team won with the amount of applause each team received. During senior night the seniors played a game called freeze, a group would go on stage and they would make a scene without moving while one person narrates. Another game that was played was called I dream of genie, the teachers would act out a scene while the seniors would make suggestions that would improve the scene. In the end the seniors took victory making it a memorable senior night.

Unfortunately, senior Anna Siler was not able to be in person during senior night. But, that did not stop her from participating. She participated as the guesser in a game where one group needs to act out an action but, all they can use in gibberish. “There are a lot of guessing games we play in improv, and whenever we need a guesser, we always go to Anna. She somehow nearly always gets it no matter how obscure. I don’t know how she does it,” said junior Anthony Cates. “I love the atmosphere and creativity of it but the people are the best part. It’s a pretty random group of people with runners, a football player, volleyball, basketball, and theatre people, it just makes it that much better. It gives us all a common interest and I’ll miss them a lot next year,” said Siler. 

Considering all of the challenges that this year has brought, it is amazing that improv is able to have a season. “The highlight was doing any show in the first place. We graduated a large part of the team last year, so when the pandemic happened and our coach changed schools, I doubted we would do improv at all. Luckily we found some great underclassmen to boost us, and we got some laughs going,” said senior  Kyle Haslett.

“A highlight from this season is the energy that each senior brings to the program. They are all very unique in their own way like Kyle Haslett brings a lot of experience to the table along with Jack McGowan, Anna Siler, and Mason Fellwock,” said Mr. Joseph Knight, the Balding Eagles coach.