Senior class rejoices with news of a Senior Prom

Maddie Barbar, Blueprint Editor

The pandemic has been a cause for many cancelations this past year. However, BCHS has been able to still plan a Senior Prom. BCHS will be trying to make sure attendants are safe and mindful of the COVID-19 circumstances. 

Senior Anna Siler who is a part of Student Council (STUCO) and Prom Committee said, “Everyone will have to wear masks, which is just a part of life now really. There will be social distancing, and decreased numbers depending on mandates at the time.” These types of restrictions are not a big surprise for BCHS students, seeing as we have been following them all year. 

Prom will be at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum this year, a popular venue among students. BCHS has used the Children’s Museum for prom in the past as well. 

Prom will take place the day after Baccalaureate Mass on Friday, May 21st, 2021. Both of which will help kickstart graduation weekend for seniors. With prom and graduation all in the same weekend, it will be an emotional and bittersweet moment for BCHS students. “I feel like that weekend will be a really great time for us to connect as a grade, considering how disconnected we’ve been this year because of e learning and hybrid,” said Senior Lanie Tarowsky. 

Due to quarantine, prom was canceled last year for juniors and seniors. This will be the current senior’s first full-class Prom. While the pandemic still rages on, it is important that the BCHS community can maintain some semblance of normalcy. The senior class will still have their prom and graduation memories, despite the difficult circumstances.