Seminar opens opportunities at BCHS

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Seminar opens opportunities at BCHS

M. Borchers, Editor

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With the sudden change of homeroom switching to seminars this school year, there are still some questions. The addition of Seminar A, B and C days will give students more options to grow as a well rounded individual.

Principal Mr. Joe Hansen said that before he makes any decision, he asks himself, “Is this going to benefit students?” If the answer is “yes,” like in the case of seminars, he proceeds with the plan. The main goal of seminars is to expose BCHS students to different opportunities they may not otherwise have been able to explore in the traditional classroom setting. 

Seminar A days are deemed Mass days and generally will be on Thursdays. Weekly mass is a pillar of BCHS that could not be compromised on and had to remain in the schedule.

Seminar B days are academic-focused days. These days are scheduled to be Mondays and Tuesdays, and they will be used for ISTEP+ remediation, AP class help, freshman digital citizenship classes, and SAT help. Silent study hall or other options are still available for students who do not meet the criteria listed above. 

Seminar C days are, as Vice Principal of Academics Mrs. Ann Taylor put it, “fun days.” These days are Wednesdays and Fridays and were created for students to be able to engage in social activities they could not get in the normal school day. These activities range from kickball, to euchre club, to Adulting 101(learning adult skills before going to college), to walking club, to pilates and more. Silent study hall will also still be an option during these days.

Currently with the newness of seminars, students are scheduled to have a different Seminar C first and second semester. However, at the all school assembly last Thursday, Mrs. Taylor promised students that, depending on how things go, she will try her hardest to get seminars rotated on a quarterly basis.

Another challenge to overcome has been making students able to still participate in multiple clubs, especially when it is not their Seminar C option. Clubs will still be able to meet during Seminar C with a pass from the Seminar C teacher. Some will also meet after school. 

The change from homeroom to seminar was created by the administration for the benefit of the students here. Trying to incorporate both conventional and unconventional learning in one school week will be a change at BCHS, but one the administration is ready to see happen.