School celebrates Black History Month with special week


Michael Mates

Next week from Feb. 19-23, BCHS will be celebrating Black History Month Week. The week will include performances and dress down days.

Black History Month is a celebration many credit to Dr. Carter Woodson, nicknamed “the father of black history,” was one of the first historians to study African-American history. The week here will include days that students are able to wear Pan-African colors. Tuesday will include a performance called The Rhodes Family Incident. Conner Prairie supports two college students from Westfield to perform a re-enactment in their hometown involving the slave escapees. Spanish teacher Mrs. Delcia Mendez sponsors the Student Union program which promotes diversity at BCHS.

Monday, 2/19-students will be able to wear a red shirt with uniform bottoms

Tuesday, 2/20-there will be a performance by The Rhodes Family Incident and students are allowed to wear jeans with a gold shirt

Wednesday, 2/21- students will be able to wear green with uniform bottoms

Friday, 2/22-students can wear black shirts with uniform bottoms