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Ryan Leaf conveys message of accountability

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Ryan Leaf conveys message of accountability

Michael Mates, Sports Editor

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Second overall draft pick in the 1998 NFL Draft, Ryan Leaf, spoke to the BCHS students Thursday. He was well received because of his experiences and frankness with students.

Senior Alec Ryden said, ““I thought he did really well and that his message reached a lot of people.”

Leaf is from a small town in Montana and attended Washington State University. The third place finisher in the Heisman vote passed for 7433 yards and 53 touchdowns in his three seasons as a Cougar. The San Diego Chargers picked Leaf in 1998 and he played five season in the NFL while having stints with the Buccaneers, Cowboys, and Seahawks as well. Leaf only played in 25 games and was plagued by a wrist injury.

After football, Leaf got himself into trouble and spent time in prison because of drug use. He told the audience that he was an addict long before he took a drug. He said he was addicted to competition and then drugs. He explained that people can be addicted to many things and it can control your life.

He stressed three main topics to students: accountability, spirituality, and community. Being accountable to Ryan Leaf was accepting that your actions are your choice. He stressed spiritually because we need to serve others and help improve our world. Lastly, he emphasized the necessity of being apart of a community and taking care of one another. 

Here are some of his NFL highlights