Return of Walk-a-Thon promises fun for BCHS students


Corbin Hubert

Students show off new t-shirts for the 2021 Walk-a-Thon

Claire Cady, Reporter

The Walkathon is a long standing tradition for BCHS. It allows students to participate in something bigger and experience a feeling of togetherness, especially in the midst of COVID. Principal Mr. Joe Hansen is excited for the Walk-a-Thon, this being his third year getting to watch it unfold into a “beautiful event,” as he remembers it to be. 

The day will start off with students in seminar. Next will be the talent show and “minute to win it” games. The senior versus staff kickball game will follow, and then the actual walk for Walk-a-Thon will take place around Chatard campus. Last, there will be a cookout with hamburgers and hotdogs, chips, fruit and a drink. The day will be filled with lots of fun and bonding time. 

The proceeds from all donations go to tuition funds for students who need a little extra help.

School counselor Monica Helfrich has helped plan the talent show and kickball game. This is her first year helping with these in particular, and in previous years she helped with the actual Walk-a-Thon event, fundraising, and lunch. Mrs. Helfrich said, “I love how energizing it is to sit and come up with ideas with students and staff.” 

After all that COVID has caused to discontinue, this year’s Walk-a-Thon will be a refreshing experience for everyone at Chatard. Mr. Hansen said, “This is one of those steps back to normalcy… in previous years it brought people together and that’s what we’re looking for.”