Preview of the livestream format for BCHS events

Grant Millman, Sports Editor

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BCHS has decided to limit the number of fans allowed at sporting events. This will have a significant impact on the football team, who are the reigning 3A State Champions. Due to less fans being allowed in the football stadium, BCHS has decided to experiment with a livestream format for the game. This service will be available online to anyone who wants to watch the game. The livestream will allow for more fans to be able to watch the game, especially students, as BCHS has only set aside 75 tickets for students, all reserved for seniors. Those who are unable to attend the game in-person can simply log on to any device they have at home and watch as if they are viewing a television broadcast. The streaming was tested during the August 28th game vs East Central, and received positive feedback. As a result of this, BCHS has decided to continue providing the stream. Sophomore Alex Konvolinka, who viewed the livestream himself said, “The stream is high quality. Coach Harmon’s commentary is excellent.” Konvolinka believes the football livestream is a great alternative to being at the game because it is easy to follow, as only the commentator’s voice comes through the audio, blocking out all of the distractions that come with being in a football stadium. BCHS hopes this new platform will allow for people to continue supporting the football team even with restrictions are in place.

The first livestream will be available for the September 11th game vs. Cathedral. To access the stream, visit the Bishop Chatard High School Facebook page before the game and find the live video. The stream will be free to viewers, courtesy of Sullivan’s Hardware