Presents to give this holiday season


Caroline Creamer, Reporter

We have all been there before. When we want to get our friends and family gifts, but either we can’t afford it or we just don’t know what to get them. Every year teenagers across the country struggle with gift ideas for their parents, siblings, friends and others in their lives. Here are some gift ideas to help celebrate the 2019 Christmas season. 


Bubble Wrap phone case.

The bubble wrap phone cases for sale for $9.99 on Amazon.

This phone case which has been ranked with 4/5 stars on Amazon. This case is compatible for the iPhone X and the iPhone Xs. Since it is made of soft silicone it feels like bubble wrap which allows for people to pop and re-pop the bubbles as much as they would like. You can buy this on Amazon for $9.99. 



“Utter Nonsense Family Edition – The Game of Funny Voices and Accents!”

The game “Utter Nonsense” can be found on Amazon for $20.50

This game is perfect to buy for parents, siblings, and friends. The game ties together accents and phrases to create “Utter nonsense” and all around fun for everyone. For $20.50 on Amazon, this is a fun gift for many different people. 


Pizza Socks Box

The “Pizza Sock Box” is a great gift for both friends and family.

The gift of warmth is always appreciated from people of all ages. The pizza socks box come with 6 different pairs of pizza socks. This is perfect to give to your family as a collective gift that everyone can enjoy. For the price of $25.99, you can bring the gift of pizza socks to those around you. 


Bucket List Movie Poster

The movie poster which features many different classic movies, can be bough for $14.90

This gift is great for that friend, parent, or sibling who loves movies. With 100 must see films featured on the poster, nobody ever has to wonder what movie to watch again. Once they’ve watched it, they can simply scratch it off and pick another. For only $14.90, this makes a great gift for the winter season. 


Animal Cable Biters

Animal biters can be bought for $5 at Walmart or Urban Outfitters

These little rubber animals connect to the end of a cord and help assure that no charger breaks again. They come in different animals such as turtles, sheep, pigs and cows. They can be bought at Walmart or Urban Outfitters for around $5.


Grilled Cheese Toaster 

You can buy your own Grilled Cheese Toaster from Amazon for $24.99

While it might look like just an average toaster on the outside, it is capable of making 2 grilled cheese sandwiches at once. You can choose how cooked you want your sandwiches to be and after putting in the cheese and the bread it takes only minutes for the food to be ready. For $24.99, this is a great gift for that person in your life who loves grilled cheese. 


“Trouble” Board Game

The game “Trouble” is good for all ages and can be bought for $4.99

Whether you’re shopping for a younger kid, or just want to get your family something to do together, the game “Trouble” is great for all ages. The goal of this board game is to move all your pieces around the board and back to your “home base” and if you do this first you win. You can buy this game for $4.99 on Amazon. 


Head Massager

This head massager can be purchased for $4.97

This item is a great gift for anyone in your life. It helps bring relaxation and stress relief to all who use it. It also has been proven to cause an increase in blood circulation. This gift can be bought on Amazon for only $4.97.


500 mL Aluminum Water Bottle

This thermal water bottle is being sold at the price of $4.49 on Amazon

The gift of hydration is always a good gift to give. This water bottle is made of durable aluminum and is great for school and sports. It can keep liquids cold or warm for many hours. For only $4.49, you can help someone stay hydrated this Holiday season. 


Collapsible Travel Cup

The Collapsible Travel Cup can be bought from select dealers for $20

These cups are an easy alternative to those big non reusable coffee cups that so many people use. Since they collapse, they can be easily stored when they are not being used. This saves space in the overflowing cupboard full of cups. You can buy one from for $20.