How does personality correlate to music preferences?

Claire Boon, News Editor

Music plays a big part in our culture and self identity. Just a quick peek at a Spotify playlist or a record collection may tell much more about the identity of the owner. Many times people feel defensive about their music taste because it reveals so much about their personality. For example, someone who is interested in rap may instantly dismiss someone who is a country fan because it may show your Extroverted tendencies 

Extroverts are people who generally look on the bright side of life and are often described as happy, cheerful, and sociable. When troubles occur they tend to let it roll off their backs. They tend to be more logical thinkers. On the other hand there are introverts. They enjoy solitude and let their emotions make their decisions for them. Being in a large group setting can be draining and exhausting. Introverts tend to be more in tune with their creative side. 

Extroverted people are more attracted to pop music. They tend to listen to music by artists like Ariana Grande or Lady Gaga because they value conventionality meaning the songs that you usually hear on the radio. They often listen to music in a sociable setting, so they would want to apply to different types of people. They could also be into country or folk music and listen to artists like Dan + Shay or Jason Aldeen because of their outgoing and hardworking nature. Lastly, they could be a Hip Hop/ Rap fan and listen to artists like Tyler the Creator or Travis Scott. They might enjoy rap because of its direct and hard-hitting lyrics. When talking about her music taste, junior Cameron Stevenson said, “I listen to Beyonce because she is a successful black woman and she sings to uplift the black community and it gives me a sense of pride to be black. I also listen to J. Cole because he makes relatable music that tells a story and he also talks about real issues today.”  

Introverted people are more interested in rock music and listen to artists like Fleetwood Mac and Queen. Rock listeners tend to be more mellow and more imaginative. These qualities  apply to introverts. Punk/Metal listeners tend to be introverts and listen to bands like Green Day or Weezer because introverts need a way of expressing their emotions. When they listen to punk they can express their emotions and unlock their creative tendencies. Lastly,  people that listen to artists like Clairo or Rex Orange County that fall into the Indie column, tend to be introverts. Indie music requires a creative mind, perfect for an introvert. 

Music puts us in a lot of different moods. We can listen to a calming Jazz playlist on a rainy Sunday afternoon and then the next day listen to an upbeat Pop album. Your music genre can alter your mood in a heartbeat and a range of traits come along with that. Who knew that just asking one question like are you an introvert or an extrovert could tell so much about a person’s music taste?