Parking policies change

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Parking policies change

Kacee Haslett

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BCHS juniors will no longer register for guaranteed parking spots this year, according to Assistant Principal of Student Life Mr. Ben Reilly.

“We made this change with the hopes of less students having to park in the grass along the pond,” he said. Mr. Reilly explained that fewer reserved spots means students will not be forced to park in the grass even if there are open spots in the parking lot, which happened a number of times the last school year.

For senior Molly Keating, she looks forward to having a spot and said it will be nice for her and her brother to park in an actual spot this year. “I don’t have to stress about finding a parking spot in the gravel lot anymore,” she said, “and we will get to sleep in a little later.”

However, juniors are split on the new system. “Having a reserved spot was something I was looking forward to as a junior since I parked in the gravel lot the whole second semester of sophomore year,” said junior Olivia Countryman.

The parking lot will have some spots not numbered and those will be open for anyone to park.

Countryman also said she worries that many juniors will not know where to park and accidentally park in senior or staff spots. “Sophomores have never been able to park in the lot so I don’t know if that’s still a rule, but it’s going to be even more of a problem when all the sophomores get their licenses and start to want to park in the main lot,” she said. “It isn’t fair.”

Mr. Reilly thinks the system will actually allow juniors who arrive early will get to park closer. Any spot that is not numbered (the numbers are going to be painted over by the time school starts) will be open to park. All assigned parking will be numbered, but the rest of the spots will be open for anyone to park. Mr. Reilly believes that will eliminate the need to park in the grass.

Junior Heidi Copple believes the new system is a good idea. “It encourages juniors to get to school earlier, since they will want spots in the lot closest to school.” She said now it does not matter if you fill out the registration form earlier than another classmate does.

However, she does agree with Countryman about licensed sophomores. “When the sophomores start driving to school, there will probably be less room.”

Mr. Reilly tweeted a reminder to underclassmen that car registration forms would be sent to parents at 10 a.m. July 30. Students must register their cars to park anywhere on the BCHS lot.

“I think students will find spots and go on as normal after the first couple of weeks,” said Mr. Reilly. “Until we get a new lot, and every student can park in a paved lot, this way will help students from having to park on the grass around the pond.”