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Opportunity given to BCHS students to succeed on PSAT, SAT

Belle deCastro

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Students repeatedly hear about the benefits of taking the PSAT. Students repeatedly listen to teachers tell them to try their best on the PSAT. Students repeatedly read about the scholarships offered because of the PSAT. But how seriously do students actually take this test?

Starting freshman year, students are given the opportunity to take the PSAT or Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Teachers stress how much the PSAT can prep students for the taking the SAT or ACT their junior or senior year and give them various scholarship opportunities, but many students still blow off the test. 

Sophomore Ryan Marsella said, “I take the PSAT very seriously because it prepares you for success on the SAT.” Meanwhile, junior Reagan Behringer said, “I don’t try at all during the PSAT because it’s a joke. All I think about that day is getting out early and getting food.”

BCHS offers the PSAT on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Students have the opportunity to practice their test-taking before the SAT.