New technology coming out in 2017


Marissa Almack

Each year a plethora of new technological advances are made. These are some of the newest tech inventions expected to come out this year.

LeEco Smart Bikes: LeEco is releasing a bike in the spring that will be a smart bike. The bike will feature an Android touch screen by the handlebars that will include GPS as well as music playback.

Moen’s U Connected ShowerShower company Moen is creating a new shower system that can be controlled by a smart phone. It will connect to an app that can turn on the shower while preheating the water, control the water temperature and the duration. It launched on March 1 and is expected to cost around $1,160.

Lego Boost Motors and Smart BricksLater this year, Lego will be releasing bricks that will turn any Lego creation into a robot. They will be selling sets of motors and programmable bricks that will be able to work with regular Legos to make them motion-sensitive. The bricks will connect to an app that can not only control them, but also allow the creator to add voice effects to their builds.

Tanvas touchTanvas touch, a new tablet, will allow users to feel real materials through an electronic tablet. The tablet allows you to feel different materials and textures. Materials such as silk, cotton and grass will be able to be felt through the screen.

Taclim VRThis new virtual reality system are shoes made to allow the user to feel different grounds beneath their feet. These shoes strap on and emulate the feeling of water, grass and various other materials onto your feet.

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