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New finals week schedule is introduced

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Similar to last semester, there is a change in the normal schedule for finals week.
May 22 will be a normal Monday schedule with the one-hour delay. Tuesday will start the week with a study session with the students’ first period. At 8:10, the first final will begin.
After the first period final, there will be sixth period, followed by seventh period with lunch. The day will end with second, third and fourth period.
The rest of the week will go as a normal finals week goes. On Wednesday, there will be the second and third period finals. The next day will be the fourth and fifth, and on Friday there will be the sixth and seventh period finals.
On these days, students are asked to report to their classes by 8:30 am. After they finish their final, they have a 35 minute break, and then their next exam. School will end at approximately 11:05 am each day.

Good luck to all students!