New club hopes to bring health options to school


Sian Rhodes

photos courtesy of Mr. Jones

Seniors Jalen Duche’e, Sian Rhodes, Hadley Diggers, Jack Diedrich and Stephen Milby participate in the groundbreaking of the garden for the new club.

While the school year is wrapping up, a new project is beginning within the BCHS community. Mr. Mark Jones, math teacher, is starting a new gardening club aimed toward getting students involved and contributing healthy options to the cafeteria.

“We need more fresh vegetables in the school cafeteria. And if we have enough, we will donate extras to soup kitchens,” said Mr. Jones

Along with students in his math classes, Mr. Jones hopes that other students will get involved. “Students in the Senior Class will get it started, and then hand it down to the juniors and underclassmen. We are trying to get people from every grade involved,” he explained.

“I’m excited to help because I’ve never planted a garden before and I’m looking forward to doing something that can benefit the school and other organizations,” said senior Sam Haimbaugh.

He plans to grow a plethora of vegetables including tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, pumpkins and lettuce.

“Starting up the garden will take some work,” Mr. Jones said, “but other than that, the work is minimal; mostly watering and weeding the plants.”

There will be a callout meeting for those interested on Tuesday, April 18 during homeroom and members of the club will begin planting Friday, April 21 after the powderpuff game.