Music students preparing for fall showcase in full force


Lucy Taylor

Band members rehearsing at an after school practice together.

Lucy Taylor, Special Contributor

On Wednesday, October 14th, the music department at Bishop Chatard, led by Mr. Mark Duray, will be putting on a fall showcase. This will be the first time the band and choir will be performing together since quarantine hit back in March.

“I am looking forward to being able to present the skills and talents of our band, even if we have not been given the same opportunities and time as in the past years,” said junior Maddie Loiselle, a member of the band. Because of all of the COVID restrictions and regulations, the band has only had two full band rehearsals after school, but the members have taken it upon themselves to practice and put the work in to make this concert successful.

“I have been listening to the band arrangement for Star Wars to understand how my part is supposed to sound because I’ve never seen the movies,” said sophomore Agnes Moriarty, a member of both the band and the choir. Because of the hybrid schedule that the school is in, the band and choir rehearsals have been a bit smaller.

“I’m interested to see how the presentation is going to be due to the limited practice time,” said music parent Amy Taylor. Having two kids in the music department, one being a senior this year, makes this concert that much more important.

“It was hard to watch my kids not do any music over quarantine because they need to practice; and when they cannot practice together, it makes it difficult for them,” said Taylor.

Music uses the creative side of the brain and forces the person to work even harder than they usually do for school.

“It is important to peer pressure each other into feeling like an important part of the community and that they are relied on in the department,” said Loiselle. With the peer pressure and constant reminders to practice, the end results will be great.

“I think that those who come to the concert will hear a calming piece, but then get more into it as we play more energetic pieces,” said Moriarty. The band and choir members have been busy preparing the past three months, and hope that many will attend.

The upcoming concert is free of charge and will take in the varsity gymnasium at 7:00 pm.

All are welcome to attend and show their support for the music department.