Meet the members of the BCHS maintenance staff


G. Cates

From left to right: Mr. Mahaney, Richard, Bill, Mr. McLain and Jerry eat lunch in the boiler room located next to the cafeteria, by the spirit shop.

G. Cates, Reporter

BCHS is blessed to have outgoing and supportive teachers, administrators, counselors, cafeteria and maintenance staff members. But, many students don’t have the opportunity to interact with our maintenance staff on a regular basis and are unaware of their daily efforts. 

The crew is headed by Mr. Rick Leppert, who has been working at BCHS for about 12 years. “Rick is in charge of all the maintenance people who work there during the day, and he primarily takes care of all the electrical work around school,” explained Rick’s coworker Mr. Jerry Cothron. 

Jerry also said that Rick is a big Colts fan and in his free time, Rick “likes to clean and shine automobiles. He’s a big car fan.”

Mr. Rick Leppert, head of maintenance, works at his desk inside the boiler room. He has been at BCHS for about 12 years.

Like Rick, Jerry has also been working at BCHS for about 12 years. “He will help build things and primarily does carpentry and drywall. He does unbelievable work that no one really knows about,” said Mr. Ben Reilly, vice principal of student services. Mr. Reilly also mentioned that Jerry has used his carpentry skills to build his own cabin. 

Another maintenance staff member is Mr. Richard Leppert Jr., who is the son of Rick. He has been at BCHS for over two years, helps man the cafeteria and does general cleaning around the school. “He likes cars, just like his dad,” said his coworker Mr. Bill Kelly. 

Bill has been a maintenance staff member for 12 years. Grounds supervisor Mr. Tom Mahaney said, “His main job is to take care of the cafeteria – before lunch, he sets the chairs up; during lunch, he takes the trash out; then, he cleans up afterward.”

Students best know Bill for walking around the cafeteria during lunch collecting their trash. He can also be spotted cleaning restrooms and other areas around the school in the mornings.

An interesting fact about Bill is that he and part-time maintenance staff member Mr. Paul Hayes are BCHS Class of 1965 graduates – the first graduating class in school history. Bill said that they were “seniors all four years”. Bill, Paul and their classmates decided on blue and white for the school colors of BCHS, and one of their classmates wrote the fight song.

Bill and Paul were on the original baseball and football teams when BCHS first opened its doors in 1961. These pictures of the two, respectively, hang in the boiler room.

While Rick, Jerry, Richard, Bill and Paul clean and repair the inside of the school, Mr. Mahaney maintains the outside. “He’s our grounds supervisor, so he’s in charge of cutting the grass, tree removal, limb removal, leaf removal, snow removal, sidewalks, parking lot, anything outdoors. Mr. Mahaney comes to help with setting up events,” described Mr. Reilly. He has worked at BCHS since 2008.

Most students know Mr. Bob McLain as the school library assistant, but he also helps the maintenance staff during the summer months with painting and other projects, helping to prepare the building for the new school year. 

Mr. McLain is not only a librarian, summer maintenance worker, meteorologist and veteran, but he is also a train engineer. An interesting fact about Mr. McLain is that he volunteered to help run the Indiana State Fair train from 2000 until its discontinuation in 2016. 

BCHS is lucky to have a hard working maintenance staff that quite literally keeps this school from falling apart. From sanitizing students’ tables in the cafeteria to keeping snow off teachers’ parking spots, this integral staff makes BCHS a better place.