March for Life registration ends tomorrow


Last year, the BCHS Pro-Life club attended a Pro-Life march in downtown Indianapolis. Director of Campus Ministry stands in the crowd, protesting. Photo by Abby Underwood.

Sarah Meek, Reporter

Hundreds of thousands of Pro-Life supporters will gather in Washington D.C. for the annual National March For Life. This rally takes place to protest against the legality of abortion as a whole. Students from Bishop Chatard and the whole North Deanery will be making the trip in January 2019 in support of the Pro-Life movement.

The importance of March for Life is to raise awareness of this problem that is faced so often in American lives today and throughout the world. It is not only about awareness, but also to seek change and eventually put an end to abortion for good.

Mrs. Wagner will help lead the BCHS students The Pro-Life trip is considered a pilgrimage because the students are traveling as God’s people working toward a greater world while

Class of 2018 graduate Tommy Hartley stands at last year’s downtown Indianapolis Pro-Life March. Photo courtesy of archives.

remembering what God would have wanted for his people.

The trip takes place Jan. 16-19 and students will be bused from St. Lawrence to Washington D.C. The price of registration is $190 and the permission slip is due to Mrs. Wagner no later than Friday Dec. 14. Permission slips can be found in Campus Ministry.

This past year the trip was canceled due to lack of interest, but in 2016, current seniors Kate Bosley and Abby Klineman attended as sophomores. Bosley said, ”It was extremely cool to see so many people of different races and religions to come together as one peacefully protesting for one cause. It was a cool experience to be in D.C and not just site see. We were able to walk around and see the area in a whole new way. It was also fun to hang out with the kids from different schools and get to know them.”

Junior Amelia Dessaur wants to attend the upcoming 2018 trip and experience what the March For Life is truly about.

Dessaur said, ”I want to go and support a cause that I am very passionate about at a larger scale than just in town, although that’s important too.” Being surrounded by that many people will also help her find a new appreciation and respect for the cause because so many people have a strong belief to put an end to abortion like she does.

Bosley said, ”If you’re skeptical, you should go and you won’t regret it.”