Let’s meet the valedictorian and salutatorian

Claire Cady, Reporter

The 2020-2021 school year has presented many challenges towards students throughout all grade levels. However, the seniors have been faced with the same challenges as every other grade, in addition to not having a “normal” final year at BCHS. In all of the changes, one thing remains the same: Valedictorian and Salutatorian. These two students have soared academically despite many difficulties. 

Salutation Owen Teed enjoys coming to school for the people. He said, “I definitely don’t wake up each and every morning thinking about how excited I am for class, but I do enjoy the people here at Charard. I think that is how everyone feels, though.” He has spent his years running cross country and track, and this year has joined the swim team. He admits it is hard to balance homework plus sports, but says most teachers understand school is not one’s only commitment. Teed’s favorite thing about Chatard is the people. He loves how his closest friends are not always based off of sports, and has met great people outside of running. One person that has helped him excel is Mrs. Nixon. Teed says, “If anyone at Charard doesn’t get enough credit for what they do, it is Mrs. Nixon. She was so helpful with any college questions I had, and she was always happy to help with anything high school or college related, even if it was last minute.” Teed will attend Indiana University in the fall, studying accounting. 

Similarly, valedictorian Liam Murphy loves the people at Chatard. He runs track and cross country, and has met many great people from it. Out of all 4 years of classes, Murphy has enjoyed study hall most. One thing he struggles with is time management. Even though he loves cross country, he said, “It is definitely difficult to balance homework with it.” He is especially grateful for his mom because he wouldn’t have been able to attend Chatard if it were not for her. Murphy is undecided about college, but knows he wants to study aerospace or mechanical engineering. After high school, he will miss his friends and cross country most.