Lesser-known clubs looking for students to join


Marissa Almack

There is a myriad of different clubs offered here and students are sure to find something that interests them. Some clubs do not receive as much of a spotlight as others but entail plenty of fun opportunities. Here is a list of some fun, lesser-known clubs.

Coley Gaynor, sophomore, looks at stock prices during investment club.
Coley Gaynor, sophomore, looks at stock prices during investment club.

Investment Club
The investment club is one that plays the ‘Stock Market Game,’ an online game through the Indiana Economic Education Council. This game allows them to emulate investing in stocks and mutual funds. “People should join the club because it is a very valuable skill both now and in the future. Learning the importance of wise investing is a great way to grow wealth and plan for the future,” Josef Eisgruber, senior and founder of the club.

Hiking Club
Hiking club is exclusive to seniors, but is open to anyone once they are in their senior year. The club goes on one or two hikes each month in the Indiana area. At the end of the year the club goes on a three day hiking trip. “Hiking club is great because Sister Kathleen runs it and it gives you a break away from stress to enjoy nature,” Kelly O’Brien, senior.

Aviation Club
The aviation club is open for anyone with an interest in aviation and wants to learn more about it. The group has been able to meet with pilots, flight instructors, and mechanics. They also have even been able to operate flight simulators and go flying with a certified pilot on his private plane. “It’s really laid back and we have a lot of fun. We go flying sometimes and get to use flight simulators. You learn about a lot of different aspects of aviation, which is great if you have an interest in it,” said Luke Mark, senior and founder of the club.

Speech Team
The speech team is new and allows students to compete against other schools in categories including poetry and oratory. Members learn and develop speaking and writing skills. They participate in a few meets throughout the year and just had their first at Hamilton Southeastern High School. “I really like writing my own speeches because I can talk about topics that I am passionate about. It’s very fun to meet people from all different schools,” said Hannah Milby, sophomore. Mrs. Kerensa Edinger, Spanish teacher, sponsors the group.

Spanish Club
This club is open to anyone taking a Spanish class and allows those involved to learn about Latin American culture and food. The goal is to become familiar with Spanish-speaking traditions and participate in the Hispanic community at events in the BCHS community and Indianapolis area. “I enjoy Spanish club because it is fun to learn about Spanish outside the classroom,” said Audrey Kelly, senior.

If you’re interested in any of these or other clubs, more information can be found here.