Learn the details for Dance Marathon 2020


Corbin Hubert, Reporter

Trojans! Dance Marathon is coming up in a few weeks and here are a few bits of information for the event.

Dance Marathon takes place on Sunday, January 19th from 12-7 pm in the main gym. Dance Marathon helps raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital and the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. Come and relive some of your childhood with classics from Nickelodeon and Disney Channel!

Students have enjoyed their past experiences with Dance Marathon like junior Christopher Taylor. “It’s really fun because we raise money for kids by not sitting down and we dance all day. I like knowing I’m doing something that’s fun and for a good cause,” said Taylor.

To sign up, students should fill out the Google form in the email sent out by Mr. Reilly regarding Dance Marathon. In addition, there is a $30 registration fee to be turned into Mrs. Gerritsen in Room 316. The fee can also be brought on the day of the event. Turn in the fee with an extra $10 and sign up before Wednesday, January 8th for a t-shirt. Participants can also use the time at Dance Marathon towards service hours.

Any additional funds donated by the participants are appreciated and help both Riley Children’s Hospital and the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. Prizes are awarded to people who bring in the most money. Reach out to Mrs. Gerritsen, Mrs. Kowal, or Mary Borchers for any additional information or questions.

“We are really excited for this year because we know it will be a fun time for all of the participants, but also so that we can raise for money for the kids,” said BCHS for Kids President Mary Borchers.

Have a good time at Dance Marathon and remember to do it For The Kids!