Learn about the fish that live in the nature walk pond

Audrey Donaldson, Reporter

Many students and staff who are a part of the BCHS community know of or have been on the nature walk and have seen the little pond behind the stadium.

However, many people don’t know that there are fish who live in the pond and have resided there for quite a long time. Mr. Tom Mahaney says, “The goldfish supposedly were put in there years ago after a Summer Social at Christ The King. They used to have a festival game where people could win a goldfish.” Mr. Mahaney said there are about “140 to 150” fish that reside in the pond. 

There are many types of fish and other animals that live in the pond such as, goldfish, BlueGill fish, turtles, and frogs. Mr. Mahaney also said, “The blue gill probably came from the ducks and geese that land in the pond throughout the year. The water fowl can carry fish eggs on their feet and feathers from other ponds. When they land those eggs can fall off into the pond and grow new fish.”

The fish in the BCHS pond can survive on their own so nobody has the job of feeding them or taking care of them but Mr. Mahaney said, “I have seen some neighbors along the pond give them bread, crackers, ect.” The pond provides these fish with a unique ecosystem so they can survive independently. There are also mosquitos that stay on top of the water that the fish can eat as they also keep the pond clean.

These fish are a unique part of the BCHS community and were a great way to make the pond more interesting and interactive.