Learn about some Christmas traditions from BCHS students


Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

Caleb Croddy, Features and Opinions Editor

While the pandemic has ruined many things, people are still looking forward to Christmas. Many people list Christmas as their favorite holiday because of all the familial and special events that are connected with Christmas. It can be tied to a trip, a feeling of happiness and comfort, or memories of family. Here at Chatard, the community celebrates Christmas in different ways, and the holiday has many different meanings for different people. A traditional Christmas, while still memorable and nostalgic, is becoming less common as people push their celebration of the holiday toward creative and familial ideas.

“We typically have two Christmas trees, one with special ornaments that have sentimental value and the other with normal ones. Some will be ornaments we made when we were younger, and others from special vacations we brought home. On Christmas Eve my brother and I are able to open one gift, so that is always fun. My brother writes his letter to Santa and I help him make the cookies and milk to set out. On Christmas Day, my brother and I make everyone breakfast, normally pancakes. This is the only meal we will eat before Christmas dinner with my entire family. Throughout the day we’ll open presents, get our pictures taken, and play card games. For dinner, my mom, who is Polish, makes food from her heritage, such as polish sausage, polish noodles, and polish desserts. We all eat together at one big table and talk about any and every thing.” – senior Zakia Rasheed

“One tradition me and my family do on Christmas is having our family over and having a big feast for Christmas. We host every year and as our family gets bigger we have more and more food. Another tradition that we do as a family is buy gifts for each other and while we know who is getting us a gift we all unwrap them early in the morning before we do anything else. Finally my favorite tradition is making all sorts of wonderful foods and desserts. While it is a lot of work we work together as a family and host an amazing party every year.” – freshman Phil Tuohy

“We go to mass and then we get home and eat beef bourguignon and have figgy pudding for dessert, then we do family gifts and watch keeping up appearances. It’s the same thing that we’ve always done for years in my family, so it’s always been a little traditional.” – junior Sarah Christoff

“One of my favorite traditions I have with my family during the Christmas season is when we bake cookies. We always put our record player on and listen to our old Perry Como and Bing Crosby Christmas records. The music fills the entire house and the smell of cookies comes from the oven and it’s amazing. Then when we’re done we all get big glasses of milk and eat our freshly baked cookies while watching a Christmas movie by the fire.” – sophomore Sarah Semon

“Usually, my family goes to Christmas Eve mass and then we celebrate the holiday at my grandparents house with all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends. During this celebration we have a huge meal with a lot of food and dessert, we have a gift exchange, and my grandparents open up all of their presents. After this, I go home with my family and we get our yearly Christmas pajamas. Then, my dad reads us the Night Before Christmas, and we go to bed. On actual Christmas Day, my mom makes us a big breakfast, we open presents, and just spend the whole day together as a family.” – senior Meghan Thompson

Many people see a traditional Christmas as one with the biggest and brightest tree, opening presents early in the morning, a hearty breakfast and an enormous dinner with lots of different foods, and then later playing in the fresh snow with family and friends. Though sadly, not every Christmas can be this way. People live in all types of places and all kinds of backgrounds. Not everyone can afford hundreds of presents or a giant dinner, not everyone has had a Christmas where it was snowy, glistening, and bright outside, and not everyone celebrates Christmas.